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Welcome to Christmas at the Weber House

Christmas as we know it with Santa Clause, Gift Giving, Madding Shopping Sprees, and yes, even church services did not exist before the 19th century. In fact, even at the time Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol in 1843, Christmas was not universally observed. Some religious groups actually banned the celebration. Were it not for Dickens, some historians believe the holiday now might be all but forgotten. To them, Dickens is the father of our modern Christmas. To Dickens name, however, we must add those of Washington Irving, Clement Moore and Thomas Nast. Without these men, Christmas would be much different

The Weber House is decorated in a style reminiscent of a prosperous 18th century home. As was the custom, decorations are homemade from greens, pine cones, fruits, flowers and assorted sweets. The Christmas trees, although common today, are not historically accurate. They did not come on the scene until Queen Victoria. And then they were small table top trees.

So come on in and see Christmas of long ago when even the Sugar Plum Fairy and Scrooge were yet to be born, and Rudolph, well, he won't be born for another 140 years!

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The Weber House and Garden is Located at 1503 Baker St. in Streator, IL

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