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Published Articles About Ted Weber's History
Aug. 1, 1965  
The click Ted Weber WEBM-FM radio interview show moves to a new setting Tues.
Feb. 13, 1967  
UHF channel 26 launches a new weekly interview-fun show, starring young WXFM radio personality Ted Weber and modoll sidekick Angel Tompkins.
Feb. 27, 1967  
Press Agent Jim Freeley's got a date with an Angel, nightly Modoll Angel Tompkins, that is. He also produces her Mon. WCIU-TV interview show. "Ted and the Angel."
Nov. 10, 1969  
Radio interviewer Ted Weber will have a new talk show emanating soon from Punchinello's East via station.
Dec. 10, 1969  
Ted Weber's interview shows from Punchinello's East are being replayed on tape for our GIs in Viet Nam.
Feb. 11, 1970  
In honor of Kukla and ollie's 21st year in show business, Ted Weber presented Burr Tillstrom, a mink tie for each of the puppets, checking accounts in their names, and free income tax service, all when Burr appeared on Ted's new WRSV interview show from the Hacienda Del Sol.
May 29, 1970  
Maurice and Gregory Hines, of the Camellia House stage, take over the interview mike this evening on Ted Weber's WRSV show from the Hacienda Del Sol. The segment will be aired later.
June 28, 1970  
Bob Roth of Gallant Greetings is in Hollywood presenting Virginia Graham with a huge birthday card on her syndicated TV show for airing July 4th. And Virginia is due here tomorrow for a Pump room brunch appearance and a WRSV radio interview with Ted Weber at Hacienda Del Sol.
July 10, 1970  
Nudie film specialist Russ Meyers plans to plug his "Beyond The Valley of the Dolls" tonight on Ted Weber's show from the Hacienda Del Sol
Aug. 10, 1971  
People And Events: Dr. Preston Bradley and his wife, just returned from a six-week European jaunt, told TV interviewer Ted Weber at That Steak Joynt that the' lecture trip marked Dr. Bradley's 68th trans-Atlantic crossing.
Dec. 3, 1971  
WCLR's Ted Weber marks his 19th year in broadcasting today.
Sept. 26, 1973  
Ted Weber returns to radio Oct. 15 with a celebrity interview show for WLTD. The programs will be taped at midnight on Tuesdays and Thurs- days at Punchinello's.
Jan. 2, 1974  
Ivanhoe's John Raltt and his folk singing daughter, Bonnie, share a microphone today for the first time on Ted Weber's show at 3 p. m. .
Jan. 25, 1974  
Casting calls will be heard Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, between 1 and 4 p. m. on WLTD's Ted Weber Show.
Sept. 11, 1974  
Ted Weber taping his radio interviews every Monday and Wednesday at the Regency Hyatt Chicago's Wild Onion
Nov. 6, 1974  
Ted Weber's Wednesday -FM broadcast from 1:00-4:30 pm is a salute to the Forum Theater's production of "Robert and Elizabeth,"
Feb. 25, 1975  
Female impressionist, Arthur Blake will be at the Inner Circle, formerly Ruggles, where Ted.Weber will be doing his live Mon-day thru Friday WLTD-FM broadcasts from 1 to 4 p.m. beginning March 3rd.
Mar. 21, 1975  
The hatchet officially falls in mid-May when all WLTD personalities will be let go. Chuck Schaden, Bruce Du-Mont, Bill Nigut, Ted Weber, Don Lucki, and Mike Schwimmer alI have been given notice by Ernie Anastos, the station's new general manager.
Apr. 10, 1975  
Angry listeners rescue WLTD
Feb. 6, 1976  
Burr Tilistrom and June Lockhart will be reunited Sunday on Ted Weber's new WL00 Radio show. June was Fran Allison's stand-in on the old "Kukla, Fran, and ollie" shows
Jul. 30, 1976  
Ted Weber will emcee Sunday's Ravinia auction benefiting the 'Association of Illinois Dance Companies.
Jan. 27, 1978  
Ted Weber begins broadcasting a live. one-hour WNIB Radio celebrity interview show on Thursdays from the Gaslight Club.
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